The SORTITS are an existing evidence of the Munich Punkrock Tradition. In their songs you can clearly hear their strong affection to the ī77 Punkrock, but they donīt live in the past in any way at all.


RESAL - Leadvocals
MIGHTY MIKE - Guitar/Vocals
DOSE - Bass/Vocals

Since the band was formed in ī95, the SORTITS have ever been a trio. Now Punkrockgirl RESAL, who has been drummer and part-time-singer until now, put back the drumsticks to give all as the shouter and to power up the audience at live-gigs. An old Munich Punkrocker called SCHNITZEL, who might be known from the bands HEILSARMEE, TRINK 10 and PLOCK!, is now playing the drums. MIGHTY MIKE and DOSE know each other from their predecessor band MOX-BE and also DOSE played the bass for the legendary AUSGEBOMBTEN. Their new single FOUR NEW SONGS, with four Punkrock-Rockets on it, is available now on the recordlabel SCHLECHT & SCHWINDLIG.